Mobility Access and Video Link

Mobility access

The Centre has a door that is accessible to wheelchairs. However, please let us know in advance that you would like to use this so that it can be opened for you. Also, the Centre’s public bathroom is large enough for a wheelchair or a mobility companion. All our public events are held on the ground floor with no internal steps.


For those who would like to hear the teachings at a higher volume, two sets of headphones with their own volume controls are available for anyone to use. They are located on the front of the sound desk- please sit by there and use them. The volume control is a slider on the headphone cord.

Video Link

Unfortunately our video link is not working at the moment.

A video link is available at our main classes to allow families with children to receive the teachings in a dedicated room. Children aged 12 and under are welcome to attend for free at all our main events, and families can receive the teachings through these dedicated facilities. Please let one of the event organisers know that you would like to do this when you arrive. In addition, the centre also runs classes just for families.