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Kadam Paul Jenkins


The New Guide to Dakini Land


Kadampa Meditation Centre Wales

Teacher Training Programme

The Teacher Training Programme (TTP) is designed for people who wish to become authentic Dharma teachers.

Each session is led by Kadam Paul Jenkins, our resident teacher, and includes preliminary prayers, guided meditation, teachings and transmission of the text, with discussion and dedication to conclude each session.

The first book we will study is The New Guide to Dakini Land, which provides a detailed and practical explanation of the Highest Yoga Tantra Vajrayogini practice.

TTP classes run on Sunday mornings,  from 9:00am – 1:00pm, including a break in the middle.

The others books studied include: How to Understand The Mind; Modern Buddhism; The New Heart of Wisdom; Tantric Grounds and Paths; Shantideva’s Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life, and it’s commentary, Meaningful to Behold; Ocean of Nectar; The Oral Instructions of Mahamudra; The New Eight Steps to Happiness; The Mirror of Dharma; Essence of Vajrayana; and Joyful Path of Good Fortune.

When do classes restart?

Classes restarted on Sunday 20th September 2020 from 09:00 – 13:00

In addition to completing the study of the aforementioned texts, students are required to observe certain commitments with regard to behaviour and way of life, and to complete a number of meditation retreats.

TTP Comittments

1. To complete the study of all the books without interruption;
2. To attend every study and revision class or retreat session*;
3. To study and memorize the essential points of each book;
4. To sit the examination at the end of each course;
5. To complete the specified meditation retreats;
6 To maintain the moral discipline of (at least) the five lay precepts on the premises

TTP Class Structure

The class begins with traditional prayers to help calm and prepare the mind.  There may also be a guided meditation on a topic covered in the previous class.  The teacher then covers a section of the book, clarifying important points, and illustrating ways in which the ideas could be put into practice. Students are free to ask questions at any time.  During the latter stages of the class, students split off into pairs to discuss the points covered during the teaching.  Throughout the year, there will also be scheduled discussion groups.

 *TTP by correspondence

Under certain circumstances it is possible to do the TTP by correspondence.

For enquiries about TTP please speak to, or contact, our Education Programme Co-ordinator (email: epc@meditationinwales.org) or read more on kadampa.org.  

Kadam Paul Jenkins – The Centre’s Resident Teacher

The principal teacher at KMC Wales is Paul Jenkins.  A dedicated student of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Paul has been studying and teaching Kadampa Buddhism for over 30 years.  He is married with 3 children and has practical experience of integrating Modern Buddhism within a busy, professional, family life.

For many years a senior teacher at Manjushri KMC, Paul is well known for the clarity and warmth of his teachings and has deep experience of practicing meditation and teaching Buddhism at all levels. His relaxed and friendly approach helps students to easily take the teachings to heart and put them into practice in daily life.  Paul teaches weekly classes, weekend courses and will be guiding retreats throughout the year.

Kadampa Meditation Centre, Wales

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Enrolment on FP is on a ‘per text’ basis. It is possible to enrol at any time during the year and runs on Sundays from 9:00am to 1:00pm, including a tea break. If you unable to attend regularly FP it is possible to have the teachings sent through email to you if agreed prior to joining FP.

If you are interested in joining FP it is possible to have 3 session as free tasters then if you wish to continue there is a monthly standing order requirement of either £25 ( unwaged ) or £35 ( waged ) . This monthly payment is called a centre card which then enables you to attend any course at the centre with the exception of Empowerments, Dharma Celebrations and fund-raising events.

If you are interested in attending FP please contact our Education Programme Co-ordinator at epc@meditationinwales.org

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