Meditation Retreats

A spiritual retreat is a period of time set aside just for spiritual practice. Why do retreat? Although the main field of our spiritual practice is our daily life, it is very helpful from time to time to focus exclusively on our meditation practice without having to deal with a hundred other tasks. Retreat is an opportunity to minimize all our distractions and to gather our energy inwardly into the stillness of our heart. Retreat time provides the inner space to go deeper and enables subtle inner transformation to occur in ways that is very difficult when we are constantly having to attend to the demands of the outer world. If you haven’t already tried setting aside a few days or weeks to do retreat, you should give it a go – you will find it gives your spiritual practice a real boost.

The types of retreat

In Kadampa Meditation Centre Wales we organize four different types of retreat:

Guided Meditation Retreats

The purpose of these retreats is to help us gain deep inner experience of a particular aspect of Buddha’s teachings. Typically each session will consist of an introduction to the topic of meditation,brief prayers and a long guided meditation.

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Clear Stillness

– one day intensive meditation in a group

On Saturdays when there aren’t other courses, we have a day of meditation called Clear Stillness aimed specifically at improving our meditative concentration.. ..

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Deity Retreats

(based on chanted prayers)

The purpose of these retreats is to deepen our connection with particular Buddhist Deities (aspects of the enlightened mind appearing in special forms),…..

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Individual retreat

It is also possible to do your own individual retreat in the centre. Our teacher has a lot of retreat experience but the facilities for retreat are quite limited at present, though we have plans to extend them. The branch in Fishguard has more retreat rooms, but for a longer retreat we would recommend: