Neath Meditation Classes


19:30 – 21:00


Adrian Bence


£5 per person or £3 unwaged


The Mayor’s Room
Neath Town Hall


Healing our Mind through Meditation

Weekly Meditation Classes in Neath

24th February – 6th April

In the previous series we looked at how to get rid of some of the major mental toxins – such as worry, anxiety, fear, anger, self-hatred and discontent. In this series we will focus on how meditation helps us build an inner immune system of powerfully positive and healthy mental patterns. Through meditation and bringing the resulting calm and clarity into our daily lives, we can actually transform our human nature and become a confident, kind and wise person who can be of real benefit to others.
This series of classes are suitable to both beginners and more experienced meditators alike. The classes will be easy to understand even if you missed the previous series (Detox the Mind through Meditation and Mindfulness).

Seven week meditation course dates
Mondays 7:30 – 9:00pm
(£5 per class/ £3 unwaged)

24th February: Openess

2nd March: Discipline

9th March: Acceptance

16th March: Energy

23rd March: Concentration

30th March: Wisdom

6th April: The Awakening Heart

  • About the Teacher

    Adrian Bence

    Adrian has been practising Kadampa Buddhism for over 12 years. He is married with a family and works with people suffering from addictions, and his warmth, compassion and practical wisdom come through strongly in his teachings.
    Adrian teaches the Monday evening class in KMC Wales and gives day courses in the Centre.

  • Price and Booking

    £5 per person or £3 unwaged
    or £20 for whole course, £12 unwaged.
    Please note we are a registered charity (1039234) and this fee covers the running costs; the teacher and the assistant do not receive payment.
    You do not need to book in advance- these are drop-in classes.