What is Meditation?

‘Meditation is a mind that is single-pointedly focused on a virtuous object and whose function is to make the mind peaceful and calm.’
~ Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

What are the Benefits?

Become a happier person

Better Relationships

Improved Confidence

Reduce stress and anxiety

Find Meaning in your Life

‘When the turbulence of distracting thoughts subsides and the mind becomes still, a deep happiness and contentment naturally arises from within’
~ Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Who can meditate?


How can I start a meditation practice?

At KMC Wales we offer classes and courses that suit the interest of everyone interested in seeking peace in our busy modern world regardless of background or belief.

All the following classes are suitable for anyone starting a practice and for those who already have some familiarity.

They include guided meditations and advice about how to keep a peaceful mind in a busy world.

Hover over the flipboxes to find out more about each type of class.

Monday Evening Class

This class presents Buddha's ancient wisdom for our busy modern times; it includes teachings and meditations that we can use to solve our daily problems, improve our relationships and fulfil our human potential.

Where: KMC Wales, Online (live and catch-up)

When:Monday Evenings 7.30pm with online catch-up available for 7 days

Class Length: 1 hr 15min

Class Fee: £6

Class Format:Classes consist of guided meditations together with advice how to apply Buddhist wisdom to our daily life. Suitable for everyone.

Suitable: Everyone

Tuesday Evening Class

Enjoy two guided mediations that help to relax body and mind and to discover a special experience of inner peace.

Where: KMC Wales

When:Tuesday Evenings 7.30pm

Class Length: 1 hr

Class Fee: £5

Class Format:The session also includes a brief introduction to the meditations. Suitable for everyone.

Suitable: Everyone

Friday Lunchtime Meditation

An opportunity to take a short break from whatever you are doing and bring some calm and focus into your day.

Where: KMC Wales

When:Friday Lunchtimes at 12.30pm

Class Length: 30min

Class Fee: £3

Class Format:The classes include a brief introduction followed by a guided meditation.

Suitable: Everyone

World Peace Hour

These drop-in free sessions include guided meditation, time for reflection on teachings taken from 'New Eight Steps to Happiness' and special Prayers for World Peace.

Where:In-person at KMC Wales

When:Thursday Mornings 10.30am

Class Length: 1hr

Class Fee: free

Class Format:Class consist of guided meditations together with short teaching based from 'New Eight Steps to Happiness.

Suitable: Everyone

Saturday Courses

Our Saturday courses provide an opportunity to explore ideas and receive advice from Buddha's teachings on particular topics. They are suitable both for those new to meditation and for those with a wealth of experience. Refreshments are included in the breaks.

Where:In-person at KMC Wales

When:Saturdays 10am

Class Length: Day Courses 6 hours, Half Day Courses 3 hours

Class Fee: Half Day Course £12, Day Course £17

Class Format:Class consist of guided meditations together with teachings on a particular topic

Suitable: Everyone

Dosbarthiadau Myfyrdod

Cyfle i ddysgu sut i fyfyrio a datblygu meddwl heddychlon.

Ble:Mewn person yng CMK Cymru bob mis

Pryd:Nos Wener 7pm

Hyd y dosbarth: 1 awr

Cost: £5

Dosbarth: yn cynnwys myfyrdod gyda chyngor o ddysgeidiaeth Bwdha ar sut i gadw meddwl heddychlon yn ein bywydau prysur.

Yn addas: i bawb

Where do the Classes Take Place?

KMC Wales is based in the Uplands area of Swansea and all the above classes and courses take place at this location.

All our classes at KMC Wales are also live streamed with recordings available for 7 days afterwards.

We also run classes at other venues. These classes follow the same themes and structure as our Monday evening classes at KMC Wales and currently take place at the following locations:


Saturday Course 12th November



Wednesday Evening 7.30 to 8.45pm



Half Day Course on Saturday 26th November



Wednesday Evenings 7.30 to 8.45pm



Tuesday Evening 7.30 - 8.45pm


How do I progress my Practice?

If you are interested in taking your practice further we offer in-depth study classes – click here to find out more.

Meet Our Teachers

KMC Wales classes and courses are delivered by trained and qualified Kadampa Teachers

Principal Teacher: Kadam Paul Jenkins

The principal Teacher at KMC Wales is Kadam Paul Jenkins.  He is a dedicated student of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso and has been studying and teaching Kadampa Buddhism for over 30 years.  The title “Kadam,” was given to him by Ven Geshe Kelsang indicating that he is a senior lay teacher of the Kadampa Tradition.

Kadam Paul has deep experience of practicing meditation and teaching Kadampa Buddhism at all levels.  He is much loved for the clarity and warmth of his teachings and shows the example of how to integrate Modern Buddhism within a busy, professional, family life.

Kadam Paul was born in North Wales and is a fluent Welsh speaker. His relaxed and friendly approach helps students to easily take the teachings to heart and put them into practice in daily life.


Sue Jenkins teaches Foundation Programme, our Branch Class in the Mumbles, Lunchtime Meditations and Saturday courses

Juliet Wallis teaches the classes at Newtown.

Malcolm Woodfield Teaches our Branch Class in Llanelli and Saturday Courses.

Kelsang Chopel teaches our Tuesday Evening GP Class.

Paul Davies teaches the class in Caerphilly.

Debs Bence teaches the Lunchtime Meditations.

Ian Kavanagh teaches GP classes and Saturday Courses.

Roland Jones teaches Myfyrdod Hanner Awr.

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