Community Involvement

Community involvement

Within Buddhism there are an enormous number of highly effective methods to achieve mental and emotional peace and well-being, and as the current interest in mindfulness has shown it is not necessary to be a Buddhist to make use of them.

One of our aims in Dharmavajra Centre is to help make available in the local community simple techniques for cultivating inner peace, dealing with difficult emotions like anger, anxiety, dependency etc., and developing a stable core of confidence, well-being and balance. To free our mind from the grip of negativity we first need to see clearly how negative states of mind develop and deceive us, and then we can bring this understanding down from a theoretical to an experiential, heartfelt level by conjoining it with mindfulness and meditation practices. We can then carry this newly found calm and centredness into our daily lives and learn to deal with difficult situations in a wiser, kinder and more positive way.

We are currently giving weekly meditation classes to recovering alcoholics and drug addicts which are proving very popular. We have also given talks, meditations and workshops in hospitals, schools, colleges, university, scout groups, prisons, church groups. We are open to offering similar activities in the Swansea area and if you are interested in organizing something please contact us.