The Power of Prayer

Saturday Morning Course with Kelsang Chopel


21st November

10am – 1pm


Kelsang Chopel


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 The Power of Prayer

On this practical morning workshop Kelsang Chopel will explore how prayer can help us with every situation we have to face in our busy modern lives. Prayer is a simple method we can use at any time to continually receive the inspiration and powerful blessings of a Buddha’s enlightened mind. Whether we use prayer for ourselves or to help others with their suffering it will strengthen our mind. We’ll look at simple ways of reciting prayers and ways we can integrate prayer into our meditation practice. Through always being guided by the wisdom of the enlightened mind our prayers will become a powerful method for us to achieve a lasting peace and be of great benefit to others.

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About the teacher

Kelsang Chopel

Kelsang Chopel is a Buddhist monk and has been practising meditation and Buddhism for ten years. He is much appreciated for his natural gentleness, honesty and the sincerity of his spiritual practice.