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Kelsang Chopel


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Meditations to Heal Our Mind

One of the most highly revered masters in the Buddhist world, Venerable Atisha (982-1054 AD), gave the most beautiful, clear, and practical advice on how we can seize the essence of our precious human life, live a life of harmony and peace, and remain positive in the face of adversity.

In these weekly classes, re-starting 5th January 2021, Kelsang Chopel will be reflecting and meditating upon Atisha’s advice and how we can practically apply it in our busy modern lives. This is an ideal place to start if you’re new to meditation and Buddhism but is also very suitable for more experienced meditators.

These class are based on the famous Buddhist text “Atisha’s advice from the Heart”. This is available in a free eBook called “How To Transform Your Life“ which can be downloaded here.

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About the teacher

Kelsang Chopel

Kelsang Chopel is a Buddhist monk and has been practising meditation and Buddhism for ten years. He is much appreciated for his natural gentleness, honesty and the sincerity of his spiritual practice.

Upcoming Classes and booking options

Tuesday, 9th March:

‘Have no hatred for enemies, and no attachment for friends’

Tuesday, 16th March:

‘Do not be jealous of others’ good qualities, but out of admiration adopt them yourself’

Tuesday, 23rd March:

‘Do not look for faults in others, but look for faults in yourself, and purge them like bad blood.’