Dealing With Pain

Meditation Workshop
Only recording aviable

Unfortunately we are unable to livestream this event as planned because the teacher, Kelsang Chopel, does not live in the Centre and so cannot come here. However, a recording of the same course Chopel gave last July will be made available.


Saturday 11th April
10:00 – 17:00


Kelsang Chopel


in Monthly Live Stream


Kadampa Meditation Centre Wales
Springfield House, Ffynone Road,
Uplands, Swansea SA1 6DE


Meditation Workshop

In this practical workshop we will learn to use the techniques of meditation and mindfulness to completely change our view and experience of chronic physical pain.  The pain will then no longer control our life
– we will take charge and will begin to enjoy our life again.

This workshop is based on the personel experience of Kelsang Chopel of transforming severe pain through meditation.

About the teacher

Kelsang Chopel

Kelsang Chopel is a Buddhist monk and has been practising for over 11 years, and is much appreciated for his natural gentleness, honesty and the sincerity of his spiritual practice.
Chopel teaches Meditation Steps and gives courses in the Centre.

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