Transforming Lockdown
into Liberation


Our outer freedom has suddenly been drastically curtailed – but with the reduction of distractions comes an unprecedented opportunity to discover true inner freedom. By forcing us to confront our own minds, we have a unique chance to go beyond the restrictive mental patterns that keep us locked into suffering, and to open our heart to everyone and everything.

The emphasis of this series of classes is how to use Buddha’s profound teachings on compassion and wisdom to transform this present situation into the path to enlightenment.

The class consists of two guided meditations and an inspiring talk. Suitable for everyone.

With Kadam Mike Garside.

13 April What can we rely on?

20 April Loving the people we are locked up with

27 April The meaning of human life

4 May A change of heart that changes everything

11 May Becoming a friend of the world

18 May The magical practice of taking and giving

25 May Emptiness and appearance