The Truth that Frees

Meditation Weekend Retreat, Saturday 8th June & Sunday 9th June, 10:00–17:00 both days


Saturday 8th June & Sunday 9th June
10:00 – 17:00 both days


Kadam Mike Garside


£20 per day (includes lunch)


Penmeiddyn, Manorowen, Fishguard SA65 9QA

The Truth that Frees

Weekend Meditation Retreat in Fishguard

We are bound into a vicious circle of suffering by ego-grasping. We can free ourselves through a deep realization of our true nature.

The first step to inner freedom is to recognize precisely what ego-grasping is and how it locks us into a constricting spiral of dissatisfaction, fear and pain. Then we need to understand that the ego or “I” we are grasping at all the time does not in fact exist. Finally we need to mix our mind with the vast open space – or Emptiness – that is our our real nature, a complete freedom from all distorted and limiting conceptions of ourselves and the world.

This topic of Emptiness is very profound and can be quite technical, but on this retreat we will take a direct and experiential approach and no prior knowledge of Buddhist philosophy is required. All that is needed is a willingness to look deeply into our own mind and challenge fundamental conceptions we have about ourselves and the world.

On the Saturday we will explore this profound subject through guided meditations, teachings and discussion, and on the Sunday we will emphasize meditation. Weather permitting, we will walk along the wild and beautiful Pembrokeshire coast and meditate outside on the cliff tops, allowing the vastness of the ocean and the sky to help us find the boundless space of our true nature. Remember to bring good walking shoes, rainproof coat and wellies!

About the teacher

Kadam Mike Garside

The Resident Teacher at KMC Wales is Kadam Mike Garside – a dedicated disciple of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, who has been practising and teaching Kadampa Buddhism in the UK and Spain for over 30 years, living in many New Kadampa Tradition Centres during that time. Mike engaged in long retreat with Venerable Geshe-la at Tharpaland International Retreat Centre from 1986 to 1989 and contributed to the editing of many of his books. Mike is known amongst his students for his approachability, deeply insightful and inspiring teachings, and his love for meditation and exploring the meaning of the teachings through discussion. The Centre is extremely fortunate to be able to benefit from Mike’s wealth of practical meditative experience.

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