Meditation and Mindfulness Workshop

in Llandeilo

with Kadam Mike Garside

Saturday, October 20



October 20th, 2018

10am – 1pm


Mike Garside




Civic Hall
Crescent Road

SA19 6HW
United Kingdom

Meditation and Mindfulness Workshop

Learn to keep a calm and positive mind all the time through meditation and mindfulness.

In the fast pace of our work and personal lives our attention is easily scattered and our mind cluttered with endless distractions. Training in mindfulness and meditation gives us the power to overcome disturbing thoughts and to stay focused on methods which enable us to enjoy a deep and stable peace of mind.

This workshop will give you the chance to truly relax, by restoring our focus on what’s important. Great for beginners, but suitable for meditators of all levels. This practical course will introduce you to the basics of meditation and help increase your happiness in daily life.

About the teacher

Mike Garside

Mike is the main teacher at Dharmavajra Buddhist Centre in Swansea. He has been practising and teaching Kadampa Buddhism in the UK and Spain for over 30 years under the direct guidance of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. Mike is known amongst his students for his approachability, deeply insightful and inspiring teachings, and his love of meditation and exploring the teachings through discussion.