Meditation & Mindfulness

September 15th, 2018


September 15th
10am –1pm


Kadam Mike Garside





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Mindfulness & Meditation workshop

(morning workshop in Brecon with Kadam Mike Garside)

Great for beginners, this practical course will introduce you to the basics of meditation.

Everyone wants a happy mind: less worry and conflict, more love, more joy. But to make that happen we have to work at it. We need to actively train our minds. Applying the practice of meditation along with Buddha’s powerful insights gives us the tools to begin bringing about the changes we long for.

In this course we will learn meditation and mindfulness techniques so that we can connect directly to a more peaceful mind. Through this process we begin to let go of the sources of conflict and worry in our lives.  The result is not only more joy in our own lives, but we also bring joy and benefit into the lives of others.

No special clothing required. Everyone is welcome, no matter your level of experience in meditation.

About the teacher

Kadam Mike Garside

Mike is the main teacher at Dharmavajra Buddhist Centre in Swansea. He has been practising and teaching Kadampa Buddhism in the UK and Spain for over 30 years under the direct guidance of  Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso. Mike is known amongst his students for his approachability, deeply insightful and inspiring teachings, and his love of meditation and exploring the teachings through discussion.