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Events in May and June
The Centre's regular classes in Swansea, Cardiff, Llanelli and Newport Gwent will continue for the next two weeks; classes in Newport Pembrokeshire and Fishguard have recently restarted.

Dharma for kids drawing

Family Workshop:
Happy Heart, Happy Home

with Ade and Debs Bence

Saturday 20th May
10am - 1pm
Reception and coffee from 09:30.

By cultivating a loving mind with our families we can maintain peaceful homes without conflicts.

Includes guided meditations, stories, craft activities and games for all the family.

£10 per family including refreshments.




For full details, visit:

International Spring Festival: Becoming a good-natured person with a good heart

Spring Bank Holiday weekend in Cumbria

An International Festival of Modern Buddhism

Blessing Empowerment of Buddha Maitreya and Teachings on Loving Kindness

At this Festival, Gen-la Kelsang Jampa will explain how we can develop and maintain a good heart through the practice of loving kindness If we rely upon Buddha Maitreya with faith, we will receive his special care in this and all future lives. He will bestow upon us all the realizations of Kadam Lamrim, and especially the realization of loving kindness. Inaugurated by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche in 1995, the International Spring Festival is a special opportunity to experience Modern Buddhism in action at an international level. Modern Buddhism is a special presentation of Buddha's teachings designed especially for the people of the modern world. It is a practical way of life based on wisdom and compassion that is open to everyone regardless of age, race, gender or faith. Nowhere is this more evident than at the International Festivals.

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso on retreat at Tharpland Scotland

Mandala Offerings Retreat

with Kadam Mike Garside

Saturday 3rd - Sunday 4th June
Times available on online calendar.

Engaging in the practice of Guru Yoga together with making mandala offerings creates a vast collection of merit through which we can receive the powerful blessings of our Spiritual Guide and fulfil our spiritual wishes.

New Year's Eve

Spanish Evening

Friday 9th June

6pm Flamenco dance workshop for children & a taster meditation class for adults
6.40 Flamenco workshop for adults
7.30 Paella dinner
8.15 Flamenco Performance

An evening of flamenco and paella. WIth professional Flamenco dancer and singer Carmen Alvarez

Pricing and booking:
Whole event including dinner £15 adults
£6 children
Kids dance workshop only £3 per child

Please book in advance.

Day Course poster

Day Course:
The Spiritual Guide

with Kadam Mike Garside

Saturday 10th June
10am - 5pm
Reception and coffee from 09:30.

For spiritual practice to come to life in our heart, we need not only correct instructions but also the inspiration and guidance of an authentic Spiritual Guide.

£20 including lunch and refreshments
Please book in advance.


Day Course:
The Great Mother Of Wisdom

with Malcolm Woodfield

Saturday 24th June
10am - 5pm
Reception and coffee from 09:30.

By meditating on Prajnaparamita – the Great Mother- wisdom realising ultimate truth will grow naturally in our heart.

£20 including lunch and refreshments
Please book in advance.

Meditation Workshop

Meditation Workshop:
Transforming Adverse Conditions

with Chris Mann

Saturday 1st July
10am - 1pm
Reception and coffee from 09:30.

It is impossible to avoid encountering difficult situations in our life, but we can transform them into opportunities to increase our wisdom and compassion.

£10 per person including refreshments.




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