Dharmavajra Kadampa Buddhist Centre

Educational Visits

Girl meditating Publicity image for Educational Visits Educational Visit at Springfield House

Dharmavajra Kadampa Buddhist Centre is based in the Uplands, Swansea, and as well providing drop-in classes for anyone interested in Buddhism and meditation, offers educational talks for schools, colleges and groups. These talks include a guided meditation, talk about meditation and Buddhism and questions and answers.

The best experience is gained by visiting the Buddhist Centre. The Centre has a Meditation Hall which seats 50 people, and visiting the Centre provides a more interactive experience. Springfield House is a Grade II listed historic building, constructed in 1853, and has since its inception been associated with serving the local community.

We do not charge but would appreciate an appropriate donation that would cover our expenses such as heating, providing refreshments and our travel costs if we visit your school.

For more details and or to book a visit please contact us on 01792 458245 or admin@meditationinwales.org.